Fabric from Chic Escape Collection, VASE COLLECTION Mustard TIL100453 from Tilda

  • $4.00

Chic Escape Collection is unusual for Tilda : deeper, bolder colors are a feature of this collection. So much so, that it called for a whole new set of Solids: SOLIDS 2, which are also available at SoKe.

100% Cotton Print, designed by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. 

This collection was made during the lockdown, when people "left their old lives to restore old French Chateaus", writes Tone on her blog. This collection, Chic Escape, is dedicated to these restoration masters, who brought "life and laughter back to old forgotten homes, and all our shared interests in vintage fabric, pottery and flowers". 

Truly, The collection is brimming with porcelain vases; and peacocks in lush gardens come alive in these fabrics. 

Tone Finnanger gives her special thanks to the people of Chateau de la Lande for inspiration for this collection.

Look for the Cocktail Hour quilt and cushions patterns, or Dressing Gown quilt published on Tilda's World website. You can also use other patterns from Tilda's books, using these luscious fabrics. 

Only one fat 1/4s of this fabric is left.

 100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low. Shrinkage max 3%.