Tula Pink's Holiday Homies Thread Set #TP50HH5

  • $28.00


This is what we found in the description of this set:

Holiday Homies Thread Collection by Tula Pink. Set includes 5 small spools of 50wt cotton thread. Once upon a cold December eve a dog named Buck, a buck named Gus, and a young goose named Ryan threw themselves a Christmas Party. They invited absolutely everyone. The three best friends, dressed their finest in Christmas Sweaters and welcomed the entire forest into their fashionably appointed yet ruggedly masculine winter cabin. A Jolly time was had by all as the festivities stretched well into the misty morning light. Meet Holiday Homies (accompanied by, of course 5 delightfully coordinate spools of Aurifil 50wt thread)! Colors included: 2692, 5023, 2835, 2024, 2265.This most popular set will provide you with Tula's most essential threads.