In a A Wheat Field / In Un Campo di Grano Embroidery Book by Elisabetta Sforza from Italy

  • $19.50

This is the second of Elisabetta's three books of alphabets of sunning quality!!

  • The drawings of a complete floral alphabet, 11 cm high
  • Thirteen decorative drawings (hearts and garlands)
  • Simple instructions to embroider the drawings with basic classic stitches
  • A chromatic suggestion

Look for extra photos on pintrest, our embroidery board. What imagination! Elisabetta tries several color variations for each letter and design, and encourages you to make your choice. you can visit her blog here:

Elizabetta learnt embroidery from the young school age, and is a master embroiderer with an excellence to her stitches that is hard to find nowadays. However, if you do not try - you will not progress to this level. So, try! 

Elizabetta does comissions and has a wonderful blog on her website, that you can visit and see the progress of her work, experimentation, and undescribable results!

The book is 32 pages, soft cover, Color printing. Produced in Italy.

It also makes an amazing gift to a fellow stitcher!