Wool Fabric Pack, Chipawana Reds, from In the Patch Designs , Woolen Needfuls Collection

  • $33.00

 This Bundle contains 8 pieces of 6" x 13" each, of browns, grays, pinks and teal. They are woven wools, and there are 3 solid colors (pink, gray, and blue), and three patterned pieces (checks and herringbones)

They look amazing in color and pattern and will add a great dimention to your work with color, feel, pattern, and texture.

100% Wool. Wovens.

There is an abundance of wool patterns and projects coming up nowadays. Please, look into Primitive Stitches magazine, Quiltmania books, such as The Garden by Bonnie Sullivan, or The heart of the Home by the same author. 

Hand wash in cool/ lukewarm water or handwash cycle of the washing machine.

This item is precut and prepackaged by In the Patch Designs company. See the pictures below. Sold as 1 bundle.