Fabric Tea Time by Mary Lake - Thompson from Kiss The Cook from Robert Kaufman, AMK-15286-1 WHITE

  • $5.75

If you opt for the highest quality in fabrics, this is for you. A wonderful easy to sew, high density traditional high quality cotton, suitable for quilting as well as for a number of various sewing projects is here for your pleasure. You'll enjoy every minute sewing this fabric, creating wonderful pieces of clothing or quilts.  Please, check Robertkaufmanfabrics.com  for projects, free patterns, and ideas.

This fabric is sold by  continuous yardage, by 1/2 yard installments. Continuous yardage is priced for 1/2 yd. as well. For example, to purchase 1 yard of this fabric, you have to put 2 in quantity. The price will be calculated accordingly in the cart.  Options of 1 yd. cuts, 1/2 yard cuts, and fat quarter cuts are also available. Please, choose your options below.

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.