Annie Morris Embroidery Color Printed Linen Panel, THE LADYBIRD AND BUTTERFLY

  • $15.99

Annie Morris writes:

"New in our Botanical Collection of beautiful hand embroidery linen panel patterns is the 'Ladybird and Butterfly' design. This design features a butterfly landing on a beautiful collection of blooms. The design fills the entire hoop. There really are no rules when it comes to embellishing these designs. They are very forgiving and it is such an enjoyable past time to mindfully stitch into the design, stitch as much or as little as you desire!"

Annie's Art Watercolors are digitally transferred onto the softest Linen/cotton pieces, using eco-friendly inks, providing you with the design immediately ready to stitch. The transferred design is in color, providing you not only with the color guide, but also, with the background, saving you the time and trouble of transferring the design.

You can either stitch following Annie's example, or choose your own stitches and do it in your own style. Annie adds, "Mindfully stitch into the soft linen and remember the warm summer evenings while our winter draws near!" And it is an ABSOLUTE pleasure to see the color bloom under your diligent fingers!

-the printed pattern in full color on luxurious soft linen, 6" diameter of the design, the full linen panel is approx. 10" square, with print-fixed edges, ready for you to get stitching into straight away! Threads and hoop are not included with this panel.

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A delightful gift for you or a crafty friend OR YOURSELF!!

Imported from the UK