Fabric bundle My Neighborhood Blenders, 6 Fat 1/4s (20" X 22") from Tilda, Hometown Collection 300142

  • $25.40

This bundle contains 6 fat 1/4s, one of each print of 6 Blenders for Tilda's Hometown collection. The blenders have their own name, My Neighborhood.  Each fat 1/4 is 20" x 22"  (50 x 55 cm) as the fabric is imported from the UK and European measurements are by the meter, not by yard. So, each fat quarter in the set is bigger than the American one by 2".

High Quality, high Density 100% cotton, OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified ( environmentally clean production). Machine washable in cold, tumble dry low. Maximum shrinkage is 3%.

Hometown is a cozy collection inspired by the love of home and community. Drawings on neighborhoods, houses, gardens, and gatherings in autumn colors are perfect for your homey quilts and projects. The collection has a mix of patterns brought together by a sprinkled look that will make them seem to interlace in a patchwork. 

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.