Minky Blanket Animal Alphabet, White/Multi/Orange

  • $56.00

This blanket measures approx. 48" wide x 49" long, wonderfully soft due to Michael Miller's Minky and Rose minky fabrics used for both the top and the backing. Whimsical but true to life animals make a very attractive top with smaller loft minky. You just want see more and more details in this design.

The fine definition of print and wonderfully transferred colors create silky luster look of this high quality fabric.

As backing is made from a thicker loft orange rose minky, no additional batting or filling is used. The blanket is hand-quilted along the perimeter for the seams not to shift with the use.

Machine washable on cold/warm gentle cycle, tumble dry cold.

Note: as the blanket is big and heavy, please, inquire about actual shipping cost, as it'll vary with destination.